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16 Nov

The advantage of using a good mortgage broker


Posted by: Ian Vowles

Simply put, it is about independent thinking and transparency.  A good mortgage broker will always act in the very best interests of his or her client.  There is no conflict, just get the best possible mortgage that suits the clients needs.  As a broker I have loyalty to my lender partners who work hard to help my acheive what is in the best interests of my clients.  That is where the loyalty ends.  If that lender is not offering the best possible mortgage for my client at the time I am shopping for them, the mortgage will be placed with whomever is offering that mortgage.  Period.  I am not conflicted in this regard and always know that I am doing what is best for my client at any given time.  Having worked for a financial institution for 12 years, I offered the best mortgage that the Treasury Department would permit to my most loyal clients and leave it up to my client to blindly accept the deal or shop around.  If they came back to me with a better deal, I would have to go back to the Treasury Department and ask them to to sharpen their pencil.  Sounds alot like car shopping doesn’t it?  “Let me ask my Manager…”.  That’s what it felt like for me and I was the Bank Manager!  With a good mortgage broker, there are no games.  Best possible mortgage, up front.  Next blog:  How I choose the right lender for my client.