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15 Feb

A blog within a blog: Confusing loyalty with silence


Posted by: Ian Vowles

For me, the timing of Seth Godin’s latest blog could not be better.  My friend who I wrote about in my last blog was recently let go from his job.  When we met to talk about he lamented about how he may have hurt himself by speaking out in a leadership meeting with the executive against a decision coming from the top.  My friend is intelligent, articulate and was very passionate about the well-being of the company and its employees.  He is also politically astute.  He knew he was “putting himself out there” when he openly questioned a particular strategy that was being endorsed by the company’s leadership.  He did it because he wanted what was best for the company.  Isn’t that what you want from your employees?  Isn’t that leadership? 

I guess he will have to find out somewhere else.